Thank you for the lovely response to my first #CajoningAcrossCanada blog. And thank you for reading it in a British accent.

From running Steven’s social pages I get a good sense of what people want to know about his show and what to expect on the night (besides the obvious – a top night of entertainment). So for my second blog, I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions about the tour and the people involved in it.

Before we start, I’d like to address some rumours. You inquisitive Canadians should know that the answer is ‘no’ to all of the following: Are you Craig’s son? Did you win a competition? Is it half term? Can I interest you in the fish? Are you Steven’s son? Did you travel in that box? (Ha! Good one, I’m a small guy).

Now for the actual questions, and don’t forget if you have any more you can tweet them:

Does Steven play BNL songs in his set?

Of course! You’ll hear songs old and new, from Gordon right up until Heal Thyself Pt II. You’ll hear songs where Steven remembers all of the lyrics, and songs where he remembers barely any of the lyrics. It’s all part of the fun. Over the course of the US tour, Steven took everyone by surprise by busting out deep cuts such as Shoe Box (I know!) Conventioneers (I KNOW!) and Trouble With Tracey (WHAT? I KNOW!) I think I even caught the chorus of One Week at one point too, but it came in the midst of a 15 minute Lionel Ritchie medley, so things were a little hazy.

But yes, the short answer is YES! You’re not going to be disappointed if you want to hear some familiar old BNL tunes, and perhaps if you send a tweet he may even play the one you desperately want to hear too.

Can I buy VIP tickets?

These are some good pre-prepared FAQs, it’s almost as if there has just been a perfectly-timed VIP ticket release. Spooky! Yes, this VIP (Very Important Pagefan) upgrade allows you access to the soundcheck, priority seating (venue dependent), a meet and greet with Steven, some exclusive swag (hope you like giant, beautiful posters!) and a sensual free full body massage from Kevin. Come along! Bring the oil!

Is that a cello?

Oh, speaking of Mr Fox, yes that’s a cello – Kevin is a musical wizard and you should definitely check out his solo stuff too. Did I mention that Kevin will give you a free full body massage?

I recognise Craig.

That’s not technically a question is it, but yes you would definitely recognise Craig because he’s also the lead singer of the brilliant Vancouver-based alt-rock heroes Odds. Some people call them The Odds and I think he’s OK with that, despite it being technically incorrect. Anyway the odds are (get it?) that if you come to the shows in Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver, you’ll see a lot more of his band, because they are Steven’s backing group for those shows and they are going to TEAR THE GOD DAMN HOUSE DOWN. I can’t wait to see those shows.

Did you come out the back of that cajon?

At this point these jibes are upsetting.


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.What are your drinks of choice at a show? Steven appears to have a Guinness?

Now we’re getting some real backstage insight! Next you’ll be asking who’s got the biggest cajon, you cheeky Canadians. But yes, that is a Guinness. I fondly recall the Irish leg of the tour last year where a few us ordered a Steak & Guinness Pie with a Guinness on the side, and in conclusion that’s too much Guinness.

So yes, Steven will have a Guinness, sometimes a whisky, sometimes just a water. Kevin sips a tequila throughout the show (WHAT? I KNOW!), and Craig and I will go to whatever measures required to find the most flavoursome IPA locally available. Paul Forgues (Tour Manager, all-round Top Banana) and Kevin are tequila connoisseurs and last year took us for tequila sampling where I began to appreciate it as an actual drinkable tipple that you don’t always see again a couple of hours later, if you catch my drift.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

You’re playing a risky game! Some shows are already sold out, and others are heading that way really soon (Toronto and Highgate – I’m looking at you). Get in there quick if you want to catch a show.

Who are the opening act this tour?

That would be the wonderful Port Cities. They have a 30 minute set each night to warm your cockles before Steven takes the stage. I’m looking forward to meeting them, it appears that their singer Breagh shares my surname so maybe we’re related? That would be a tour revelation now wouldn’t it? Maybe Craig is BOTH our Dads?

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