As you will have seen, we recently opened up a limited number of VIP tickets per night on this Canadian tour. We did this at the UK shows last year – it was a total blast and the perfect way for any Steven Page fan to start a great night of music and shenanigans. I’ll be the guy ushering you in and loading you up with exclusive VIP Page swag – so look out for me, I’m 6 foot 5 and have an Australian accent.

Here‘s the low-down on what happens during your VIP experience and some suggestions for how to make the most out of it, so let’s put another shrimp on the barby and get you upgraded to the VIP that you are!

First up, a few days before the show, you’ll receive an email from Ticketspin to let you know the arrangements. If you have any queries then you can email me at

On the day of the show, you’ll meet at the venue and get a fancy VIP laminate. It has a bagel-themed design, because why not? Everyone loves bagels.

Once the band have done all the unglamorous parts of the soundcheck (unloading, line checking, pre-show bareknuckle fighting), you’ll be shown to a front row seat inside the venue. On the seat will be a Steven Page tour poster and button pack waiting for you. TOP TIP: don’t sit on the poster.

The soundcheck is a great insight into how the songs are rehearsed and shaped. I’m always struck by just how meticulous Steven, Craig and Kevin are, and how much thought goes into every last musical decision. Maybe you’ll hear “Jane”. Maybe the guys will be working on a rare track or something they’re thinking of working into the set. Maybe Kevin will make some jokes about turning the cajon levels down in his in-ears. I think it’s way of saying “that cajon is just too hot for me to handle”.

We do ask that no photos are taken during the soundcheck, sorry, please, thank you.

After this, it’s your time to meet and greet. TOP TIP: Bring something to get signed! This seems obvious, but bring along an album or piece of merch for Steven to sign! Whip out your Page swag (and give your name so it can be personalised) and Steven will gladly oblige.


Have your phone / camera charged and ready! Photos are a-ok from this point as you’re likely to want a snap to remember the meet and greet experience. Pass me your phone or camera (some of the newer devices even have BOTH of these functions built in) and I’ll promise to catch you in your best light. TOP TIP: Don’t do what someone did in Minneapolis and give me a phone that has no battery. A couple of folks have given me a phone with a locked screen on this tour. On both occasions I have correctly guessed ‘000000’ as the code. Don’t be like Kanye.

Fans have come with really moving personal stories, funny memories from years gone by, and everything in between. Enjoy the VIP and make the most of it – we’re all really looking forward to meeting you!


Steven Page Canada Tour 2019